Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shoulder problems anyone???

A recent study came out in the Journal of Manipulation and Physiology (Feb 2010, Sharon Wang, PT, PhD, Jim Meadows, PT) that shows how a problem in your neck can affect the muscles in your shoulder. Let me paraphrase the conclusion of the study here: "This study suggest that C5-C6 joint mobilization increases muscle strength of the shoulder external rotators immediately and its effect carries over for 10 minutes."

I find this study particularly interesting to those involved in sports especially volleyball, tennis, baseball etc. where extreme forces are placed upon the rotator cuff muscles and frequent injuries of the shoulder occur.

Adjustments to the mid cervical spine may prove advantageous in the preventing of shoulder injuries due to sports injury or enhanced performance/function of this critical muscle group.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain or would like to elevate your game, give my office a call and set up an appointment today to have your neck and shoulder evaluated.

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  1. It wuld be great for powerlifters at a competition, too!

    ~ Luke