Monday, July 26, 2010

Kettle Bell Expert

I've spent the last decade focused on discovering the secrets of transforming physiques that "master trainers" use to get incredible results with their clients.

A big stumbling block that many people have when they start training is BACK PAIN.

Great people come to see me for training, but car accidents, bad chairs, and other factors have put their back in so much pain that they can hardly walk, let alone exercise.

That's how I came to work with Dr. Russell - the man is a genius when it comes to getting my clients pain-free and ready to train.

A few months ago Brian was in my gym and I put him through a quick workout with a kettlebell (a kettlebell is a cool cannonball with a handle that is a hidden training secret of Hollywood Stars, Special Forces Units, and Elite Athletes)

He instantly realized the amazing potential for the kettlebell as a back rehabilitation tool.

If you want to strengthen your back - here are five reasons that kettlebells are right for you:

Kettlebell Chiropractic Secret Number One: Kettlebells Stretch The Hip Flexors

The hip flexors are a group of muscles at the top of your thigh that come up to your hips.

When these muscles get shortened, they pull the pelvis out of alignment putting a lot of stress on your lower back.

You can do simple stretches at home to loosen your hip flexors (we do these before every one of my bootcamp workouts):

Kettlebells are the perfect exercise tool to loosen your tight hip flexors because:

  • You extend your hips

  • You're on your feet (exercise machines make back pain worse)

  • You move in NATURAL ways

Kettlebell Chiropractic Secret Number Two: Reduce The Odds Of Arthritis

When your bones break down, it's because you don't move enough to convince your body that it needs to keep calcium in your bones.

Without a reason (exercise), your body will start reabsorbing the calcium in your bones for other uses.

Kettlebell exercise will also keep the cartilage of your joints healthier.

If you don't exercise, guess what happens? "...the collagen network loses its cohesion and the cartilage deteriorates.

For healthy bones and joints, use kettlebells.

Kettlebell Chiropractic Secret Number Three: Strong Core

Running, biking, and weight machines all have one big problem when it comes to fixing back pain - you never strengthen the muscles of your core.

Kettlebells, on the other hard, teach you how to "brace" your body. When you brace your core, you AUTOMATICALLY protect your back.

Forget all the nonsense about "sucking in your stomach" on crunches and other exercises.

Visualize your stomach as a SHIELD that wraps around your middle and protects your sides and back.

Kettlebell Chiropractic Secret Number Four: Tight Butt

If you spend any part of your day sitting down, you probably have a dysfunction in your butt muscles (the technical term is "gluteal amnesia")

When your butt muscles don't work right, your LOW BACK has to take on all the work that your glutes are supposed to be doing.

And the strong muscles in your butt are much better suited to lifting than the small muscles of your low back.

Kettlebell training is the best way to get the high, tight butt that protects your back (and looks darn good in jeans!)

Kettlebell Chiropractic Secret Number Five: Low Back Endurance

Want to know something interesting? Research has shown that it doesn't matter how STRONG your back is when it comes to preventing injuries.

Far more important than strength is ENDURANCE.

There is no better way to improve low back endurance and all around fitness than a high repetition set of kettlebell swings.

Luke's Take Home Message For You

Once your chiropractic program with Dr. Russell has you able to exercise, you need to do it right to transform your body and keep your back healthy.

And one of the best tools you can use is the kettlebell.

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