Friday, June 22, 2012

Weight lifting and Chiropractic

Check out this link from some powerlifters and how they use Chiropractic to improve their quality of life and performance.

It is not uncommon for professional athletes to receive regular adjustments to enhance their game. (Of course this translates into millions of dollars in contracts for them!)

Here is a list of several athletes/teams that utilize Chiropractic regularly:

NFL Teams: Check out your favorite team and see who their team Doc is by following this link.

Browse the rest of the links on this site. The videos are interesting.

Lance Armstrong: Here is a quote by Lance Armstrong in his book "Every Second Counts" Lance describes Jeff Spencer DC as "part doctor, part guru, part medicine man...while he fixed us physically, he also fixed us mentally...we believed he could fix anything."

Tiger Woods: Yes, even Tiger needs to get adjusted. It might not fix all of his problems, but it will definately help his golf game.

College Athletes:
In 2006, a study analyzing Division I NCAA college athletes at inter-college sporting events in Hawaii found that chiropractic usage within the last 12 months was reported by 39% of respondents.

Well, I hope this will motivate more people to discover the benefits of Chiropractic and take advantage of it.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Russell

Chiropractic for kids

Kids lead very active lifestyles and need to get adjusted too. Trampolines, gymnastics, football, baseball, and all the craziness that kids get into can definitely cause a misalignment. Are they having a hard time sleeping at night, pain that none of the other Dr.s can explain why they are having it, or headaches? These are just a few signs that should trigger a visit to the Chiropractor. Children respond well to adjustments and usually take less treatments because of their youthfulness. Call our office if you want to set up a free consultation to discuss your concerns about your child's health. 775-882-3555