Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Years Resolution Time

It happens year after year after year. We commit to an exercise program with grandiose dreams of looking like the models on the P90X commercials.

"This year I am going to fit back into my jeans that I wore in the 10th grade!" so adamantly exclaims half of America.

While the other half start flexing their biceps all the while grunting, " Welcome to the GUN show."

So why is it that we start out so dedicated and focused on improving our health and natural physiques but fizzle out before we even get started? Let me help you ditch the fizzle by following 4 simple things that can keep you on track.

  1. Write it Down Write down your goal. Use a pen, magic marker, tattoo it on your forearm if necessary but put it in writing.
  2. Ponder it Daily I didn't say READ it, I said PONDER it. Look at your written goal and imagine your self actually attaining it.
  3. Say Your Goal Out Loud Frequently Sure it's a personal thing, but don't be afraid to say it to yourself in front of the mirror, the kids, spouse, co-workers, etc.
  4. Be Positive with Your Goal Don't say to yourself, "I need to lose all this fat!" Instead
    say, "I am going to look drop dead gorgeous when I'm skinny!"

Use these tips for the upcoming new year and watch it transform your goals into a beautiful new physique.

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